messageGain an accurate understanding of your message's effects and learn what resonates best with your target audience


In the world of advertising and marketing, perception - more often than not - is reality. When crafting and deploying an ad, having a clear and accurate understanding of how your message is perceived by your target audience is instrumental to the success of your campaign. Through Advertising Message Testing, you can ensure that your ad conveys what you want it to and measure its effectiveness before pulling the trigger on a costly campaign. In the same way you test a product before putting it on the shelves, it is just as important to test your messaging to identify its unique effects among key demographics, geographics, and psychographics. Confirm that your campaign will have the desired effect, or discover areas of opportunity and improvement in order to optimize your campaign, prevent a miscommunication, or capture an untapped audience. Your organization can make informed, data-backed decisions to guide your marketing strategies, avoid a failed campaign, and gauge the effectiveness of your messaging by utilizing Advertising Message Testing.


With Advertising Message Testing, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • Are you conveying the right/best message to achieve your objectives?
    • What type of messaging resonates best with your target audience?
  • What persuades consumers to choose your company over your competitors, or vice versa?
  • What pain points does your company address and solve within your messaging?
    • What are the additional opportunities to provide value to your target group(s)?
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