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Gauging brand awareness and perception allows companies to identify their key market and analyze who they are actually reaching. Identify the wants and needs of consumers, what drives their decisions, and gain insight on potential challenges in message delivery. Eliminate the guesswork in your marketing efforts by using data derived directly from your audience to guide your strategic planning. This survey will be able to gauge how well your message resonates with your targeted audience. With the data and insights provided by our Brand Awareness & Perception Survey, you can foster success and longevity for your business by ensuring you are reaching your target audience in a positive way.

With a Brand Awareness & Perception Survey, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • Who is familiar/unfamiliar with your brand?
    • What are consumers' perceptions and opinions of your brand?
  • Who are you actually reaching in your marketing efforts?
    • Is this your target audience?
  • What are consumers' opinions and perceptions of your messaging? 
    • Does your messaging have the desired effect on your target audience?
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