AARP Arizona

Virtual Focus Groups

OHPI conducted 4 virtual focus groups to gain deeper insight into the expectations and concerns of Arizona voters over the age of 50 regarding Social Security, cost of healthcare, and Medicare to inform AARP's messaging strategy.

Arizona Department of Health Services

Public Opinion Survey

OHPI analyzed the opinions and perceptions of general population Arizona adults that translated into actionable suggestions to guide the strategic decisions of ADHS in regard to the most impactful messaging for encouraging the health and wellness of Arizonans.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona

Employee Engagement Tracking Surveys

OHPI administered 2 Baseline Surveys and five Pulse Surveys over two years to track areas of success and opportunities for improvement in engagement and effectiveness of communication styles in order to boost volunteer retention.

Independent Financial

Brand Equity Solutions

OHPI developed a research project to gauge the strength of the bank’s brand equity, understand their current brand awareness and perceptions versus key competition, and test and evaluate new potential branding in order to define opportunities for repositioning to best represent its expanded business lines and markets while retaining their reputation.

Mesa City Transportation Department 

Focus Groups and Intercept Surveys

OHPI conducted primary research for MCTD on public and stakeholder attitudes, perceptions, and pain points to gain insights into what Mesa residents are looking for from the city and aid them in addressing the needs of their citizens by adapting their future strategic planning and development on transportation services and infrastructure. 

Nevada Policy Research Institute

Targeted Public Opinion Survey

OHPI conducted a targeted Public Opinion Survey among a niche group of Nevada government employees (excluding first responders) to inform the development of educational campaigns and identify particular messaging that would resonate best with this target group in order to boost awareness as well as aid in improving employee satisfaction rates.

Professional Firefighters of Arizona

Advertising Message Effectiveness Survey

OHPI developed a research project that could gauge Arizona voter perceptions and opinions on ballot measures, understand their determinants, and test the effectiveness of targeted messaging to garner approval on ballot issues directly impacting the Firefighter community.

Resolution Copper 

Baseline Public Opinion Survey and In-Person Interviews

OHPI conducted research to gauge the degree of support from the community regarding the Resolution Copper mining project, identify opportunities to be proactive in engaging and respecting the needs, values, and opinions of this niche region, and identify the most valuable ways in which Resolution Copper can further the community in a positive way by sharing the wealth and benefits of what they do with local people.