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It is vital for any organization to have a deep understanding of their company culture and employees' level of satisfaction and engagement. Employee engagement has a direct impact on company performance, profitability, and how the company is viewed by the public at large. By giving team members the opportunity to share their opinions, pain points, challenges, and perceptions of your company, you can identify elements that are potentially affecting your retention rate and can implement data-driven strategies to directly address the needs and wants of your most valuable asset: your team members.


With Employee Surveys, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • What are common challenges or pain points for your employees or volunteers?
  • What motivates your team best?
  • What type, frequency, and mode of communication resonates best with your team members?
  • How can you as an employer / team manager potentially improve in order to optimize employee satisfaction and retention?
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